Verhaltensregeln & Kommunikation in Shaiya-DarkPhoenix

Bitte nur Sinvolle Namen nutzen ansonsten kann ein Bann ein treten.

Damit es untereinander keine Schwerigkeiten gibt, ist es wichtig, dass sich jeder an diese Regeln hält.

1 Account
1.1 Account Sharing
Account sharing is not allowed. Staff Team does not take any responsibility for anything that happens to your account if you share it. 1.2 Account trading
Forbiden trade and sell accounts/gears. sell or trade gears that involve real money is strictly forbidden.

1.3 Account names
Your display name, as well as any other name that will be publicly visible must not contain any vulgar, obscene or offensive words. Deliberately creating new accounts or characters with the purpose of making those names unavailable for other players is strictly forbidden. Any names violating this rule will be changed to a generic name.

1.4 Account Billing
By donating you are helping to keep the Server stable and financiate costs like the Host or the Website. All money donated is directly used to make the Server even better. Donating is voluntary and non-refundable.

2. Behavior
2.1 Harassment
Any form of harassment directed towards either players or staff members is forbidden. Playing and or acting in a way that is purposely detrimental to other players' enjoyment of the game.

2.2 Scamming
In scamming is considered a very serious offense. If you have been scammed, please submit a ticket on the support page and we will look into it.

2.3 Kill stealing
Kill stealing bosses is allowed. Kill stealing mobs is strictly forbidden.

2.4 Spying
Creating an account on the other faction in order to spy on the trade chat and other aspects of the other faction's game play is strictly forbidden.

2.5 Guards / Safezone
Killing Behind Guards in any safe zone is strictly forbidden.

3. Chats
3.1 Language
The main language in Shaiya DarkPhoenix is English. Please try to use English whenever you speak in a public chat channel (normal, trade, area, pvp raid).

3.2 Harassment
Verbal harassment, disrespect, provocation, baiting, or any other inappropriate verbal actions addressed towards either players or staff members will not be tolerated.

3.3 Impersonation
Impersonation of anyone, whether it's a player or a staff member, is strictly forbidden.

3.4 Advertising
Advertising other Shaiya servers in our game (all chats) is strinctly forbidden.

4. Raids
4.1 Join mode
All raids must be opened at all times, except:
1: When a raid member disconnected, in which case the raid can be closed for 3 minutes to allow them to rejoin.
2: When the raid is killing a boss outside of pvp and the boss's health is lower than 40%. The join mode must be set back to auto if the boss resets or dies.
3: When the raid's purpose is farming inside an instance map.

4.2 Loot mode
Raid loot mode must be adjusted depending on the situation, as follows:
1: Public raids, whether pvp or boss raids, except farm raids, must be on random loot or group loot.
2: Farm raids must be on group loot.
3: The loot mode of private raids are at the discretion of the raid leader.

4.3 Kicking
Kicking active raid members is strictly forbidden, unless:
1: The raid member is causing drama.
2: The raid member is rejoining deliberately to gain loot priority.
3: The raid member is AFK for longer than 2 minutes after warning by leader.
4: The raid member is not in the designated Boss or PvP area for longer than 1 minutes after warning by leader.
5: The raid member doesn't have decent equipment (decent links, enchants and rerolls) to compete for the boss.
6: The raid member doesn't have level required for pvp bosses: Lv60+(Kimuraku, Seraphim, Dios) and Lv70(Kanos Bosses)
7: The raid member doesn't following raid commands.

4.4 Announcements
All boss raids must be announced in trade chat as soon as the boss is found.
4 Multiple characters
Joining the same raid (pvp or boss) with more than one character for whatever reason is strictly forbidden, unless the raid is a farm raid.

5. Hacks & Exploits

5.1 Dual boxing
Dualboxing is allowed, although there are circumstances that forbid the use of this:
1: You cannot have multiple of your own accounts in the same PvP/Boss Raid.
2: You cannot simultaneously be in multiple PvP/Boss Raids i.e. opposite factions, 'secondary raids' or different level zones.
3: Any other circumstances that could be deemed an unfair advantage over other players.

5.2 Client modifications
Any client modification is strictly forbidden.

5.3 Exploitsspan
Exploitation of any possible vulnerabilities or flaws of the game is strictly forbidden.

5.4 Exploits
The use of any unauthorized third party software (hacks, mods, bots, etc) is strictly forbidden.

5.5 Vote Fraud/ Vote Exploit
1: Creating multiple accounts to spam vote in order to gain excessive "free" SP is considered as vote fraud.
2: Dummy accounts that are receiving a string of unevenly timed votes will be permanently banned.
3: Player's main account that is involved in vote fraud will also be held accountable.
4: You are allowed to use 3 accounts only (this includes your main account) when voting by the means of VPN or other means to reset your IP.

The following are the rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity within the game and on the forum and website. Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules within the game may result in temporary account locking and may ultimately result in the termination of your account.